Next Challenge Starts: 1 February 2021
3 Secrets to
Your Blitzed Body!
Secret #1: 
Fat Loss, Toned, Stronger, Energised, 100%  Guaranteed Results!
We deliver the body you want.  Our approach is science-based & works every single time, guaranteed.  We've helped local residents lose over 10,000kgs of fat. You too will lose centimetres, become  fitter & more toned. Your energy levels will dramatically improve, you will be more productive, you will sleep better, you will be less stressed & anxious, you will look & feel your clothes, your bathing suit & your birthday suit!
Secret #2: 
​​​​​​​Results Focused 1-on-1 Coaching, Accountability& Custom Meal Plans!
We set you up for success with the right balance of group workouts, Nutrition Seminars, private 1-on-1 coaching & accountability sessions & individually tailor your meal plans using real food & life-sustainable tailored solutions to suit you. I have dedicated the last 32yrs of my life finding the healthiest, smartest, fastest, life-sustainable tailored solutions to fat loss & body transformation bringing them to you over the 8-Weeks.
Secret #3:
Amazing Innovative Fun Workouts To Shape You Within Your Fitness Level!
Our workouts are different & ensure we incorporate the correct balance of HIIT, cross-fit, bodybuilding, powerlifting, pilates, yoga, boxing, cross-training and cardio. Even though you won't be physically joining us for the workouts, You will have access to  our Workout Calendar & each Workout to perform in your own time. You will receive 1-on-1, group coaching & our accountability tools to ensure you optimise your health & maximise your results.  
Success Stories
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“Becoming healthy has meant so much for me. I feel strong, well, freed and equipped. I love my new routines and eating habits, and the fun of discovering many unexpected benefits of weight loss.  What I’ve learnt with your program this year will help me for a lifetime, and it’s even helped my family, friends and co-workers to reach their fitness goals!  Thanks Robb”.

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Alex Campbell

Alex lost 19.5kg in weight, reduced body fat by 9.4% & lost a total of 69.5cm off chest, waist, hips, thighs & arms. I could not have achieved these results without the Coaching and training. The sessions were fantastic and the nutrition plan provided me with a straight forward approach to eating healthy & never being hungry. Life has never been the same, thanks Robb!

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